Stephanie Carrow, LCSW
Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

Consulting and Training

Every crisis, every challenge, is also an opportunity for growth and positive change. 

This is true for both an individual and an organization.  To help your organization move from crisis or challenge to positive change and growth, I offer the following services:

Management Consulting

Managers and business owners seeking to improve organizational functioning, enhance leadership skills and refine employee relations can benefit from individual or group management consulting. 
I have experience providing consultation to multiple levels of management.  Issues for discussion can include:

                    Effective Communication                                 Interpersonal Skills Building
                Team Building                                                 Facilitating Change
                Empathic Leadership                                       Conflict Resolution
                Stress Management                                        Overcoming Barriers to Success

Training:  Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and seminars focusing on staff development, workplace culture, work-life balance and interpersonal skills building can be highly beneficial towards supporting and improving workplace functioning.  Workshops are always tailored to the specific needs of your organization.  I have extensive experience providing workshops in all areas of staff development, including:

                Stress Management                    Moving Beyond Crisis

                Effective Communication              Conflict Resolution

                Work-Life Balance                       Moving through Loss

                Eldercare                                   Facilitating Change: From Crisis to Opportunity

                    Workplace Culture   

Stephanie Carrow, LCSW        New York, NY          Norwalk, CT               917.613.6687

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