Stephanie Carrow, LCSW
Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

Counseling and Psychotherapy

                There is no reason that anyone should go through life in pain.

       There is every reason that you should be able to fulfill your optimal potential 
                            in your personal, professional and creative life.

To help you move through pain and frustration and towards achieving your life goals, I offer the following psychotherapy and counseling services:


Individual psychotherapy provides an opportunity for you to talk openly about your thoughts and feelings in a safe environment.  I have experience working with people from a broad and diverse range of backgrounds.  Together, we can discuss your issues or concerns with challenges including: 

    Self-development                          Sexual Compulsions            Medical issues               Creativity        
    Anxiety and Depression                 Body Image                        Eldercare                      Career Growth
    Trauma                                           Substance Abuse              Loss and Grief
    Stress Management                       Codependency                  Phase of Life issues
    Sexual Orientation                         Marriage/Relationship


Couples dynamics can often be challenging.   Couples counseling can be beneficial to those interested in improving their relationships.  Counseling provides an opportunity for both partners to talk openly about thoughts and feelings in a safe environment.  Couples can be married or dating, straight or gay.  Issues discussed can include:             

    Communication                                                 Parent-Child conflicts or concerns            
    Financial disagreements                                      Family issues               
    Infidelity                                                           Transitions after divorce or separation
    Trust issues                                                      
    Premarital, Pre-commitment counseling

Support Groups

Groups can be very helpful on their own and in conjunction with individual therapy.  There can be a great benefit to the realization a group brings that you are not alone, and to sharing commonly experienced struggles and feelings in a safe, mutually supportive and confidential environment.  Groups are offered on topics including:                

            Loss and Grief                                               Career Transition                 
            Eldercare/Coping with Aging Parents                Retirement/Second Career                 
            Divorce Transition                                          Creative Development                 
            Sexual Trauma                                                              
            Weight Management

Please note:  Groups are not covered by insurance, but are offered at affordable rates.  

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